Meet Our Team

Darryle Guarino - CEO Managing Partner

Darryle has been leading Food Safety Plus for over 7 years, and has over 20 years in High-Speed Manufacturing Management. Currently a Licensed SQF/HACCP Consultant, Darryle specializes in helping facilities quickly and successfully implement SQF Systems. Experience includes production, quality assurance, sanitation, logistics, supply chain management, warehouse, maintenance, and Regulatory/3rd party Audits. 

Cole Berger - CCO Managing Partner

Cole has 15 years of experience owning and operating a large scale food manufacturing facility. He has spent years dedicated to researching and developing recipes, manufacturing, packaging, branding, marketing and sales. For nearly a decade Cole spends several months a year in different MMJ states extensively studying the market and product trends. Cole is a

modern day Cannabis Pioneer. Recently Cole has joined forces with the Global Food Safety Consulting Group to bring safer practice to the Cannabis Industry. Cole has a unrivaled passion for Cannabis, Food and Manufacturing